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Hi, my name is Louise and I am a family and local history researcher based in Derbyshire, England.  I have been unveiling the stories from our past for many years now and I thoroughly enjoy every minute of my research.  During this time I have revealed hero's, criminals and most often our everyday ancestors each with their own tale to tell.

So how can I help you to hear the the echoes of your past?

There are far too many resources to mention, but here are some of the main tools of my trade :~

Birth, Marriage & Death Certificates are the starting point for your research.  General Registration was introduced in the United Kingdom on 1st July 1837, but unfortunately for us not all of our ancestors were unduly concerned with government rules and regulations, so some events were not registered.  If you do have copies of the certificates in your heirloom box, then wonderful.  If not, do not despair as I can obtain copies of any registered certificates from the GRO on your behalf.

Census Returns were first taken in England in 1801, however it is the information in the 1841 to 1911 census that holds the most interest for our genealogical research.  The earlier returns can be useful for local history research on a specific town or village.

Church Records where they still survive these records document our ancestors milestones in their lives; baptism, marriage and burial.  The records are particularly valuable for tracing our ancestors in the pre-registration years prior to 1837 and before they started to appear in the census returns.  Remembering not all ancestors were members of the Church of England, I can also search Non-Conformist religions, such as Roman Catholic, Methodist & Quaker registers.

Military Records is a wide reaching title and their are many varying records available which may hold details of your ancestors and their military career.  I can obtain copies of World War 2 service records at your request.  Many World War 1 service records were destroyed during the Blitz on London in World War 2, but some do still exist and are extremely informative.  Other military related sources are medal rolls, regimental histories and war diaries, trench maps and sadly numerous burial and memorials to those who gave their lives for King/Queen and Country.

Education & Employment Records firstly, school records can tell us of our ancestors triumphs and tribulations.  The records available include class registers, punishment books and old class photographs.  Work related records are also a great source for allowing us an insight into the lives that they led.  Sources available include apprenticeship records, company records, staff magazines and trade directories.

Wills & Administration luckily for most of us, wills and probate records are not solely the resources of our wealthy ancestors, many working class ancestors made a will.  If they did not leave a will they many still appear in the probate registers, detailing the value of the estate and to whom administration was granted.  Again, I can obtain copies of these records on your behalf.

Parish Chest Records survival and content of these does vary from parish to parish.  They are a rich source for family historians, as they include all classes of the parish from the wealthy who oversaw the running of the parish to the poor who were on the receiving end of parish business.  The records include overseers meetings, workhouse registers, settlement examinations and removal orders.

Crime & Punishment  would you like to find that elusive "skeleton in the cupboard"?  Starting with contemporary newspaper reports a criminal ancestor can be traced through the courts and often all the way to the local Gaol, sometimes leading to transportation. 

The list of resources is long and varied and the above documents are just an insight into the records that I am able to study to help you to unearth the Echoes of Our Past. 

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Do feel free to contact me with any queries you have, I will be more than happy to discuss the resources available and offer a free, no commitment research plan tailored to your specific requirements.

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